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Super-efficient ecological cleaning

Dry ice jetting system

The benefits of B-cryojet

  1. Dry cleaning

    Cryogenic cleaning technology does not involve liquids, and there are no chemicals involved.

  2. Economical benefit

    Dry ice cleaning is 30% cheaper on average, significantly reduces losses due to plant shutdowns and extends the life of your equipment.

  3. Ecological solution

    The services offered are based on ecological solutions. Totally non-toxic, the solutions respect respect and preserve the environment

Cleaning services

Fast cleaning without dismantling

The surfaces to be treated do not need to be disassembled, they do not suffer any modifications and no secondary deposits are left on them

Cleaning under voltage

Cryogenic technology makes it possible to clean electrical appliances under voltage, as the dry ice that cleans initially takes the form of granules which, upon impact with the surface, become gaseous, avoiding the transition to liquid form

Areas of use

  1. Automotive Industry
  2. Textile industry
  3. Jewellery
  4. Buildings and structures
  5. Plastic products
  6. Agro-food industry
  7. Transport
  1. Food industry
  2. Printing sector
  3. Electric appliances
  4. Aviation industry
  5. Wood surfaces
  6. Medical sector
  7. Energy sector

Green - no harm to the environment

  1. CO2 is captured in its natural state
  2. Plant cleaned, CO2 is liquefied
  3. In a granulator it becomes a solid
  4. Dry ice sublimates when hitting the surface to be cleaned
  5. C02 in gas form returns to its natural state

How is the cleaning process carried out?

Special machines of various types with different nozzles are used for cleaning. Dry ice at -78.6°C is sprayed under high pressure, delivering a kinetic impact and creating a kinetic shock.


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