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Natural self-cleaning air purifying coating

Invented for inert porous surfaces

Features of ProClean Air

  1. Protects the environment

    Garden purifies the air significantly significantly through its photocatalytic process

  2. Clean surfaces

    Surfaces treated with Garden remain clean and do not require maintenance. It replaces water repellent in every respect.

  3. Durability

    Garden adheres completely to the surface and remains effective for more than 20 years with a 10-year guarantee.

Contribution to the environment

Cleans the air

ProClean Air cleans the air in the vicinity of the treated surface by removing up to 70% of the Nox, which is broken down by the photocatalytic process into harmless nitrate.

Suitable for many substrates

ProClean Air can be applied to all inert (chemically inactive) porous materials such as concrete, brick, stone, asphalt, bitumen and slate. The coating can be applied both to the building and to surfaces around the building.

The application

ProClean Air is a liquid product that can be applied with a simple garden sprayer. Prior to application, a preparatory cleaning of the surface is essential. ProClean Air is applied in one coat on a dry and clean surface.


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